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Current Version: 11.1.7

Previous Version: 11.1.7 | 11.1.5 | 11.1.3 | 11.1.2 | 11.0.3 | 11.0.2 | 11.0.1 | 10.0.6 | 10.0.5 | 10.0.4 | 10.0.3 | 9.3.4 | 9.3.3 | 9.3.2 | 9.3.1 | 9.2.1 | 9.1.3 | 9.1.1 | 9.0.4 | 8.0.7 | 8.0.1 | 7.1.2 | 7.0.5 | 6.1 | 

March 25, 2019 : 11.1.7


Thermal Module
Previously, a Thermal Module device must be manually selected from a list in the Device Database. In this version, the device can be defined as a variable, and the variable can be defined in a parameter file. For example, the device can be defined as “device1” in the parameter dialog, and in the parameter file, “device1” is defined as: device1 = “IRFP460”

It is now possible to run a script from a command line window. For example, to run the script “test.script”, use the command:
PsimCmd.exe -I “test.script”


Previously, for linear motion, the upper/lower limits of the displacement are not checked. The limits are now checked, and when the limited is reached, the speed is set to 0.

All Hardware Targets
Changes are made to the SPI interrupt service routine so that a higher-level interrupt can interrupt the SPI service routine.


When a script contained multiple simulations, the simulation results were not saved to the same destination folder.

Reloading SPICE models and subcircuits did not take effect until PSIM restarted.

A PIL output was incorrect when it was a negative IQ value.

Discrete integrators (regular or resettable, with or without limit) could overflow if the input value was too close to the maximum range.

For examples of PMSM with iron loss, the out-of-the-range error could occur in certain situations. This has been fixed.


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